Elizabeth Hopkinson

Elizabeth Hopkinson, winner of the James White Award, writes fairy tales, fantasy and historical fiction. She reprints her short stories here.

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Elizabeth Hopkinson is from West Yorkshire, home of the Brontës, Anne Lister and the Cottingley Fairies. She has had over 80 short stories, fairy tales and flash fictions published in the likes of Dancing with Mr Darcy, The Forgotten & the Fantastical, Mslexia, Interzone and Strange Horizons. Her stories have been performed in the Solstice Shorts Festival and by Liars’ League. Elizabeth herself has appeared at Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe, and is a regular at Bradford Brick Box Room’s open mic. She was the winner of the James White Award, Fairytalez best gender-swap fairy tale, and the Liars’ League/National Gallery Inspiration contest, as well as being a runner-up in several other contests. She has crowdfunded a collection of Asexual Fairy Tales, which came out from SilverWood Books in 2019. She has spent much of the past decade working on a trilogy about a castrato and a bird-charmer in C18th Italy. Elizabeth is married with one grown-up daughter. She identifies as asexual, and is committed to asexual rights.

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Fiction Series: Complete 5 Chapters

Awaken the Dawn

Updated Jul 23, 2019 · 11,570 words (43 minutes) · 227 views

Fantasy Historical Romance historical fantasy medieval fantasy novella

The arrival of her betrothed husband Sir Rowland fills Eleanor with dread. But he brings with him a handsome young minstrel, in possession of a mysterious book and a harp with strange powers.




A Short History of the Dream Library

Published Jun 25, 2019 · 2,503 words (10 minutes) · 3 likes · 7 views

Fantasy dreams prizewinning Humour

Milton Bisset has had the same dream every night for twenty years. The trouble is, it isn’t actually Milton’s dream.  It is the property of the Ministry of Unusual Technology and they want it back. Winner of the James White Award 2005.


Sydney was more than alive during the Vivid, a month when the whole city is lit up with lights, shows and food trucks everywhere. I stumbled upon this gelato truck and loved the colors and the retro design it featured so I sat down for a quick shot. I only had time for one shot and miraculously that one shot came out clean. I was lucky enough that the crowd walked behind me and all the workers were either behind or inside the van, one even blurred by the delayed exposure.. It’s not everyday you get luck like this in photography, it’s not everyday you get the cream of your dreams.



A Wingless Wedding

Published Jun 20, 2019 · 1,022 words (4 minutes) · 1 like · 548 views

Fantasy Science Fiction prizewinning Love asexuality Family marriage lgbt pride

Every bride is nervous on her wedding day. But this is the first ever wedding of two Wingless in the history of the planet. In front of intergalactic press. “A Wingless Wedding is the last story in my forthcoming collection, Asexual Myths & Tales. Runner-up in the Mother's Milk Prize 2018.


Angel Costume



The Yorkshire Defiance

Published Jun 17, 2019 · 1,488 words (6 minutes) · 2 likes · 374 views

Historical Family short story Shibden Hall 18th century historic house prizewinning

A desperate mother seeks her child in the house she thought she had escaped forever. Inspired by Shibden Hall, home of Anne Lister (Gentleman Jack). It is based on a true story of the Lister family in the 18th century. Shortlisted in the Historic House Short Story Competition 2014.


Originally I went to the main hall of the Austrian National Library to attend a guided tour of the freemasonry exhibition. I was delighted by the architecture and soon fell for all the secret doors which were open - what a sign when having an exhibition on freemasons :-)