J. Dianne Dotson

J. Dianne Dotson writes science fiction and fantasy, and is the author of The Questrison Saga. Dianne is also a science writer and watercolorist.

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J. Dianne Dotson dreamed up other worlds and their characters as a child in the 1980s in East Tennessee. Dianne formed her own neighborhood astronomy club before age 10, to educate her friends about the Universe. In addition to writing stories, she drew and painted her characters, gave them outrageous space fashions, and created travel guides and glossaries for the worlds she invented. As an adult, Dianne earned a Bachelor of Science and spent several years working in research. She published Heliopause: The Questrison Saga: Book One (2018) and its sequels Ephemeris: The Questrison Saga: Book Two (2019) and Accretion: The Questrison Saga: Book Three (2020). Book Four arrives in 2021. Dianne is also a science writer, content writer and manager and watercolorist. She enjoys writing short fiction and non-fiction. Dianne lives in Southern Appalachia.

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Ephemeris generic
Ephemeris: The Questrison Saga: Book Two

By J. Dianne Dotson

Visions of doom. A growing evil. A new hero emerges as old alliances unravel. Plucked from space and raised in a star-city of androids, impetuous Galla-Deia looks human but is not. Chosen to stop the dual threats of a galactic natural disaster and a malevolent alien entity, she must grow as a commander and gain the trust of both humans and non-humans alike. Unknown to her, the entity draws zealots to its cause, destabilizing interstellar order, and threatening all life in the galaxy.

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Heliopause 700x467px
Heliopause: The Questrison Saga: Book One

By J. Dianne Dotson

Flashes of light. An unseen menace. Messages from the void. Secrets at the edge of the solar system that threaten to destroy the future. Mandira Research Station beckons at the heliopause–the brink of interstellar space. After Forster sees flashes that no one else can, the captain of an incoming ship is attacked by an invisible foe. Forster and his enigmatic coworker Efron search for a missing daughter who might be the cause of it all. Can the team stop the force from invading Mandira?

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