S.B. Divya

Divya writes speculative fiction that explores the intersection of "what if" with relationships.

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S.B. Divya is a lover of science, math, fiction, and the Oxford comma. She enjoys subverting expectations and breaking stereotypes whenever she can. Her novella Runtime was a Nebula Award finalist, and her short stories have been published at Analog, Uncanny, Apex, and other magazines. Her writing also appears in the indie game Rogue Wizards. Divya is the co-editor of Escape Pod, a Hugo-nominated weekly science fiction podcast, with Mur Lafferty. She holds degrees in Computational Neuroscience and Signal Processing, and she worked for twenty years as an engineer before becoming an author.

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Soft We Wake

Published Apr 4, 2019 · 2,751 words (11 minutes) · 2 likes · 1115 views

Science Fiction friendship posthuman cryogenics

Hikaru wakes up in a strange, unexpected future and has to choose whether to embrace or abandon it.


Lost In Space