Mark R Conte

I write mostly literary fiction, though I wrote one crime novel and one children's story.

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Mark Randolph Conte has published fiction, poetry, articles, interviews and Guest Columns in 67 publications. Including Yankee, Southern Poetry Review, Poetry International, Potomac Review, The Greenfield Review and other publications. He gave reading at the United Nations, University of Pennsylvania, University of Florida, Florida State University and others. He was director of the Poet Series at FSU and appointed master poet by the Florida council on the Arts. His books are Walking on Water, poetry, 1986, Delilah and Other Stories, 2001, The Judas Scroll, poetry, 2004, Five Days to Eternity, 2005. Of Flesh and Stone, 2009, The Ghost 2013, The Easter Lamb 2015, The Death of Sherlock Holmes, 2015, Kathy's Songs, poetry, 2016.. The Winds of revolution august 2017 and A Friend of the Family December 2017 He had short stories in the anthologies Steps in Time and Love Matters. He had poetry in the anthologies Florida in Poetry and The West of Ireland. He won Honorable Mention in the PEN American award in short fiction in 1979 and first prize in poetry in the Barbwire Theater awards. He is an emeritus ember of the Academy of American Poets and an Emeritus member of the Authors Guild.

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The Death of Sherlock Holmes

Published May 9, 2019 · 6,292 words (23 minutes) · 20 views


Sherlock Holmes last case is the search for a madman who cuts of the heads of his female victims.

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The Morning Bird

Published May 7, 2019 · 3,193 words (12 minutes) · 1 like · 31 views

Literary Fiction

An elderly married couple bicker about the disappointments in their lives and each other.

Homes in Color


A Band of Clowns

Published May 4, 2019 · 7,494 words (28 minutes) · 24 views

Literary Fiction

A rowdy, boisterous romp through life in the tough Irish section of the Devil's Pocke in South Philadelphia where an orphan learns the meaning of life.

a couple of brothers in their first vacation to sea


The Book of Life

Published May 4, 2019 · 3,750 words (14 minutes) · 22 views


The richest man in the world dies and faces The Recorder of Time.

That photo is a part of sunset photoshoot from the Baltic gulf in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was the best sunset in my life, really fascinating…



Published May 4, 2019 · 5,594 words (21 minutes) · 25 views

Literary Fiction Romance

This is a subtle romance that begins with an accident on a busy highway

Kid in the Alley