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I'm the author of the critically acclaimed Our Child of the Stars. (Blushes) The LA Times called it,'A wonderfully emotional heartwarming journey of what it really means to be a parent'. Amazing Stories said 'A solid work of science fiction that never loses sight of its emotional core.'

My grandmother told me I read too much. I remember walking in the garden when I was small, telling myself stories. In August 2012 in a caravan, in a field, up a mountainous rocky track that made a hired 4×4 essential, in Wales, in the rainiest summer fortnight I can remember … there, I sat and started my first novel. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. That book has yet to find its home in the world, but it made me sure I would write other books.

Our Child of the Stars began as a short story I wrote for Halloween in 2013. I became obsessed with Gene and Molly, and Cory, the little boy they adopt, under such challenging circumstances. I am working on the second part of the duology, Our Child of Two Worlds.  I live in England.

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Featured April 2, 2020



Death in the Hospital

Published Mar 31, 2020 · 5,287 words (20 minutes) · 2 likes · 1078 views

Fantasy Mystery Science Fiction whodunnit murder mystery Strange post-apocalypse

Min is an aging healer in post-apocalyptic England with an unusual set of skills. This time, she'll need to use those skills to track down a killer in her makeshift hospital before tense relationships in her town fray completely.

Stephen Cox lives and works in England, and he's the author of the critically-acclaimed Our Child of the Stars.