Steven Harper

Steven Harper is well-known for his fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk.

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Steven Harper Piziks was born with a last name no one can reliably spell or pronounce, so he usually writes under the name Steven Harper. He grew up on a farm in Michigan but has also lived in Wisconsin and Germany, and spent extensive time in Ukraine. So far, he’s written more than two dozen novels and over fifty short stories and essays. When not writing, he plays the folk harp, lifts weights, and spends more time on-line than is probably good for him. He teaches high school English in southeast Michigan, where he lives with his husband and youngest son. His students think he’s hysterical, which isn’t the same as thinking he’s funny. Visit his web page at or

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Danny cover large

By Steven Harper

A teenaged boy flees his abusive step-father in Michigan only to find himself coerced into sex work in Florida. His only escape is a journal in which he writes the story of the legendary Ganymede. But over time, the journal crosses with reality.

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Iron axe cover
Iron Axe

By Steven Harper

Danr grew up among humans as a hated half-troll and is enslaved to a stingy farmer. He has no hope of a better life, until strange events in the village give him a chance to change the world.

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