Bob Brill

Bob Brill writes fiction, non-fiction, novels, real world books including his own youth memoir plus a western novel series "Lancer: Hero of the West"

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Bob Brill is an award winning journalist and author who is best known perhaps as a radio newscaster/reporter. As a screenwriter he has written nearly two dozen screenplays and TV pilots. As an author he is approaching a dozen books. Bob's "other" claim to fame is being attacked and beaten while covering the Los Angeles riots as a network correspondent during in 1992. As co-host of the "Writers Block" internet radio show, having his own podcast and being a multiple blogger, Bob still finds time to write books and screenplays while all the time working as a newscaster at KNX1070 News Radio in Los Angeles.

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Lancer in New Orleans

Published Mar 19, 2019 · 189 words (1 minute) · 59 views

Literary Fiction Mystery Historical Secret service Geronimo Buckley US Military western US Army spy Jackson Square Lancer River boat new orleans

Lancer's latest adventure; to New Orleans.


1962 "Wild" Playoff Series Dodgers & Giants

Published Mar 13, 2019 · 100 words (1 minute) · 57 views

Classic Historical Stan Williams Playoffs sports Jim Davenport baseball Wild Pitch dodgers Rivalry 1962 Giants

It was probably the most Frustrating game in baseball history! It's left it's mark almost 60 years later.


The Long Tater and the Starg!

Published Mar 6, 2019 · 379 words (2 minutes) · 70 views

Classic Historical Los Angeles Dodgers Home run 1960s Dodger Stadium baseball Long Taters over the roof dodgers Taters alan foster pirates Andy Messersmith Bucs Pittsburgh Pirates Stargell

Willie Stargell's 2 Taters OUTTA Dodger Stadium - being there!