S. N. Arly

Speculative fiction author, weaving fantastic and magical tales, some with a bit of darkness, for adults and young adults.

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S.N.Arly writes adult and young adult fantasy, science fiction, and dark fiction from her basement in St. Paul, MN. Her short stories have appeared in, the single-issue World Fantasy Con chapbook Do Virgins Taste Better?, the anthology; Wolfsongs, and multiple issues of Tales of the Unanticipated(ToTU). Two short story collections (Magic, Mischief & Mayhem and Practice to Believe) and the novella Something Familiar are available through Lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBookstore, Rakuten Kobo, and many other online venues across the globe. Her novels have appeared on her printer, her desk, and occasionally her floor. She is a member of the writers group Guts and Rocks. Her writing strength is character. Her weakness has historically been plot, though this has gotten loads better with lots of practice. Humor has been a tough nut for her to crack, but she's made progress on that front in the past year. At conventions she likes to talk about young adult fiction, writing combat, weapons, and writing craft. She is currently focusing on novels, the occasional short story her brain foists upon her, and speed writing challenges.

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