Brian Craddock

Brian Craddock writes both horror and urban speculative fiction, and is the winner of the 2017 Australian Shadows Awards for Long Fiction.

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Brian Craddock is the author of Eucalyptus Goth, a novel exploring mental health issues and subcultures in Australia in the 1990s. His popular horror short fiction are collected as The Dalziel Files. Brian has worked as a puppeteer, a comix writer and illustrator, a security guard, a makeup artist, and was published in Tor Book's ode to Clive Barker, Midian Unmade. Comedy and horror are his go-to genres, and when he's not mixing the two together his writing style can be worlds apart.

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The Cemetery Children

Published Jan 9, 2019 · 9,074 words (33 minutes) · 539 views

Horror Science Fiction Strange

Field Engineer Callan and his squad battle separatists in Jabodetabek, ever-watchful of the skies for the sign of alien attack. Pusat-Selatan II has been plunged into darkness, and only Ardiyanti and her Cemetery Children have kept their cool in the midst of the horrors and madness of civil war. But for how long can Jabodetabek’s innocents fend off the threats from all sides?