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I spent my childhood under my bed because monsters were kinder than my teachers. And classmates. And cousins. Mother said monsters are imaginary. Then she cleaned underneath my bed. The monsters followed me to seven different foster homes and may have contributed to my frequent reassignment. I taught community college writing for twenty-five years. My monsters stayed under my bed until I retired. Now they crowd my car and eat my food at drive-throughs (not to mention the occasional cashier's finger). We live with my wife Carol in Oak Hill, Texas, and rescue cats for http:/ Siamese, it seems, get along well with monsters.

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Holiday Noir

Published May 6, 2019 · 1,036 words (4 minutes)

Fantasy Humor Mystery holiday crime fiction Noir Santa Elves Dark humor

Christmas morning. A crime scene in chaos. Tenace couldn’t imagine a worse way to end his year. A couch covered in children’s tears, the presents crushed into wrapping paper and Post-It notes and Santa on the carpet in front of the fireplace, face down with his skull broken open like a coconut.

Holiday noir


Mimicking Human Behavior: A field guide for extraterrestrial visitors

Published May 5, 2019 · 1,337 words (5 minutes) · 34 views

Humor Satire Science Fiction manners tourism alien abduction alien invasion Alien etiquette

A compilation of etiquette tips for alien species to follow on their first visit to the planet. A new installment in the series “I Was Abducted by Aliens in a Former Life”

Aiien ettiquette


Still Life With Suits: Deconstructing algorithms of will

Published Mar 24, 2019 · 2,456 words (9 minutes)

Literary Fiction Science Fiction artificial intelligence Apocalyptic Fiction

Artificial intelligence, marketing simulations and the possible end of the world.



Tips for writing about humans: Delivering what readers on the home world want

Published Jan 26, 2019 · 1,000 words (4 minutes) · 1 like · 104 views

Fantasy Humor Satire Science Fiction Strange aliens

Are you new to the planet? Inspired to describe humans to readers on your homeworld? This article was discovered on the mother ship during my latest abduction experience.

Writing tips


Discovering Abductions through Past-Life Therapy: How regression hypnosis revealed trauma I never suspected

Published Jan 10, 2019 · 880 words (4 minutes) · 1 like · 129 views

Humor Satire Science Fiction Strange aliens alien abduction

This story initiates a series of pieces called "I Was Abducted by Aliens in a Former Life" in which I reveal my experiences with alien abduction during former incarnations, including Marie Antionette's pastry chef, TelécQuxatl, Aztec Prince, and even Richard Nixon. What better way to introduce readers to my experiences than my first abduction as a pre-historic cave person.

Writing tips



Published Dec 17, 2018 · 1,024 words (4 minutes) · 2 views

Fantasy Literary Fiction Science Fiction Strange

On his tenth birthday, Clark fell from the butte overlooking Highway 7. What happened next surprised everyone. His parents cautioned him to hide his secret, which he did despite the many stories we've read that report a different outcome.


Free Wheeling Free Association and the Theme Park Rangers of Death

Published Dec 1, 2018 · 5,715 words (21 minutes) · 148 views

Humor Strange

Helena Button—lifelong feminist, and college writing teacher—can't bear another creative writing class assignment on free association. What can they write that she hasn't read a hundred times? But her wise-ass white trash student Alex will write deliver a roller coaster of free association that breaks free from his paper and hurtles into her classroom.

Ms. button's bottom


A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings In Arkansas: Reflecting on the semantics of efficacy at the end of time

Published Nov 17, 2018 · 1,639 words (6 minutes) · 1 view

Literary Fiction Science Fiction Strange

Her laugh, more a smile and a slight cough, caught in her throat. She coughed again and caught the sputum with her palm. If only she hadn’t. We divined our future from that entrail. An iris pulsated within the phlegm. Nanites invaded her DNA. Rewrote her code. And, now they were in the open, they’d rewrite mine.

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