S. Kay Nash

S. Kay captures the squirming, whispering voices in her head and translates them into stories that will unsettle you.

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S. Kay Nash is a full-time editor, part-time writer, unabashed cat lady, and bibliophile. Raised by a cabal of university professors, anthropologists, and irritated librarians, she holds two degrees as magical wards to protect her from being hauled back into the ivory tower. Her short fiction has appeared in See the Elephant magazine, Wicked Words Quarterly, and several anthologies including Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers Vol. 2. She lives in Texas with a mad scientist, her books, and a peaceful contingent of cats and dogs. Follow her @Gnashchick on twitter.

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Litany for the Departed

Published Mar 8, 2019 · 1,572 words (6 minutes) · 290 views

Horror ghosts memory Grief Posession Devotion

In a city where the underground Metro line crosses paths with the River Styx, a mother tries to suffer for her sins, while her daughter carries the baggage. There are many intersections on this line, between madness and ghosts, memory and hallucination, love and fanatical devotion. CW: mental illness, grief, suicide


Story of Solitary



Pit Stop

Published Nov 26, 2018 · 2,326 words (9 minutes) · 404 views

Fantasy Horror

Three friends on a road trip stop to pick up a little something for the boss. The boss doesn't like it when you show up empty-handed.




The Governess

Published Nov 18, 2018 · 963 words (4 minutes) · 424 views

Horror Historical

Little girls need a governess, one who loves them as much as their mother. Boys are made of skinned knees and dirt-covered hands but girls are altogether different. How far will the governess go to keep them safe?


Lappet-faced Vultures