C.R. Langille

C.R. Langille writes dark urban fantasy and horror.

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C.R. Langille spent many a Saturday afternoon watching monster movies with his mother. It wasn't long before he started crafting nightmares to share with his readers. An avid hunter and amateur survivalist, C.R. Langille incorporates the Utah outdoors in many of his tales. He is an affiliate member of the Horror Writer's Association, a member of the League of Utah Writers, and received his MFA: Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University.

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"The Horror of Sunshine Meadows"

Mar 8, 2019 · 478 words (2 minutes) · 87 views

Horror flash fiction

They warned me to stay away from the woods. I should have listened.

low-angle photography of trees
"Skalden Ord"

Mar 8, 2019 · 480 words (2 minutes) · 62 views

Horror flash fiction

Words have power for those who know how to use them properly. See what happens when a classic tale comes to life.

underwater photography