Charlotte Platt

Charlotte Platt lurks in the woods beside a river and writes horror and speculative fiction.

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Based in the (very) far north of Scotland I write horror and speculative fiction at the top of the map. I enjoy reading a wide variety of work with a particular soft spot for William Gibson, Neil Gaiman and Pablo Neruda. I plan to be posting speculative or horror stories every fortnight, with occasional literary stories sprinkled in. My interests outside of writing are music, walking by the sea and river, dark comedy and pugs.

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A stranger's guide   digital
A Stranger's Guide

By Charlotte Platt

Being able to see what you shouldn’t is useful, sometimes. Carter Brooks is new to Glasgow and looking for his sister, Sarah, who went missing three weeks ago. He must rely on the help of her friends, mentor, and the unusual diary she was investigating to track her down.

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