Angel Leigh McCoy

Angel Leigh McCoy writes with abandon, spinning tales of light horror, sexy romance, and paranormal fantasy. You'll love her stories.

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Angel Leigh McCoy writes fiction in the dark fantasy, light horror, and mystery genres. Her fiction has appeared in numerous media, and her novelette “Charlie Darwin, or the Trine of 1809” was published by Nevermet Press. She also had stories appear in Strange Aeons, Necrotic Tissue, Beast Within 2, Fear of the Dark, and Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions, among others. Her story “Crack O’Doom,” printed in the anthology Fear of the Dark earned her an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, volume 4, 2012. Her list of publications spans two decades worth of written word. By supporting her, you guarantee a continuing flow of stories for your entertainment as well as other great content.

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Creating Belle

Feb 7, 2019 · 3,670 words (14 minutes) · 1 view


A talented art student living in Paris attempts to ease his loneliness by creating the perfect woman, in marble. When his own creation begins to whisper to him at night, he finds her a seductive muse who is likely to lead him down a path from which he cannot return.

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Creating belle   high resolution

Nov 4, 2018 · 4,764 words (18 minutes) · 7 views


Seven-year-old Jeanie faces a terrifying lightning storm and must find a safe place to hide to avoid the predators that are stalking her. (Earned an Honorable Mention from Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year 4, 2011.) (slight gore, mostly suspense)

Crack o'doom   high resolution   no sign