Steven Booth

I'm a science-fiction/action-adventure writer who likes to collaborate with horror writers.

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I am the author of eight novels, seven of which follow Sheriff Penny Miller as she battles zombies, vampires, and other uglies in Flat Rock, Nevada. I am currently working on cross-genre mystery and private investigator novels. In my work life, I am a publisher, editor, and book designer, and in my play life, I am an avid oil painter. Blame Harry Shannon, my co-author, for this. Fifteen years ago I tried to convince him that I am not creative. My many novels and extensive collection of oil paintings say otherwise.

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Published Nov 17, 2018 · 4,347 words (16 minutes) · 497 views


Small town sheriff Penny Miller must protect her small jailhouse during the first night of the zombie apocalypse, and keep her deputy and biker prisoners from killing each other anyway.