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Author of THE ART OF ARROW CUTTING, SHADOWS BITE, SHADOWRUN: A FISTFUL OF DATA and MAY THE ARMED FORCES BE WITH YOU: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SCIENCE FICTION AND THE UNITED STATES MILITARY. Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, the British Science Fiction Association Award, the Seiun Award, the Sidewise Award, and the Spectrum Award.

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By Stephen Dedman

When Nick Horne, police crime scene exeminer turned science journalist, hears rumors of a leak at Helikal's genetic engineering lab in Western Australia's wheatbelt, he tries to contact geneticist David Mora for details. After learning that Mora has disappeared, Horne realizes that someone is trying to stop him investigating Helikal. Soon, Horne is not only fighting for his life, but must make decisions that can affect the world - but first, he has to decide who he can trust.

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