R. K. Duncan

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R. K. Duncan writes about fairies, ghosts, and melancholy from a ramshackle apartment in Philadelphia, supported by an inflated ego and his saintly fiancee. In the absence of the expected cats, he lavishes his attention on cast-iron cookware and expensive German knives. Before writing, he studied Linguistics and Philosophy at Haverford college. He wanted to be a wizard when he grew up, and this has not changed.

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The Best Busker in the World

Published Aug 27, 2018 · 1,653 words (7 minutes) · 580 views

Classic Fantasy Mystery Strange


Salt Town

Published Aug 27, 2018 · 4,223 words (16 minutes) · 197 views

Fantasy Horror



Published Aug 27, 2018 · 4,653 words (17 minutes) · 283 views

Fantasy Horror Science Fiction Strange