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I enjoy writing historical, supernatural, and science fiction. I’ve authored eleven books, the most recent being In Death Survive, Tales from the Brackenwood Ghost Club, What Darkness Remains, Wreaths of Empire, Ring of Time, and The DeathCats of Asa’ican and Other Tales of A Space Vet. My stories have appeared in a number of anthologies including the Wolfsinger volumes Tails from the Front Lines, Misunderstood, Unintended Consequences, Incarcerated, and Just Desserts; Fungi #20, 21, & 22; Legends of Sleepy Hollow; The Tanist’s Wife; The Worlds of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror, Vol.1; Infinite Space Infinite God II; Twists of Romance, and Silent Screams. I belong to Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the Authors’ Guild. My hobbies include hiking, playing classical piano, and running marathons with my wife Olivia and German Shepherd Rex.

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The Well

Published Nov 23, 2018 · 6,499 words (24 minutes) · 380 views

Horror Love Strange

"The Well" appeared in What Darkness Remains, my collection of tales of the supernatural and unknown. A young man with a fascination for wells finds his life and his sanity threatened when he falls in love with the daughter of an old house, and a family that comes with a curse...




The Ghost Dog of Stockton Bridge

Published Nov 12, 2018 · 3,006 words (11 minutes) · 411 views

Love Strange

"The Ghost Dog of Stockton Bridge" is the lead story in my new collection "In Death Survive" - fourteen tales of post-mortem existence. It's a ghost story, a story of loss and love, an animal-friendly story, with a touch of humor. It was published initially by the Thema Literary Society in 2016.