Jessie D. Eaker

Jessie writes what he loves—fantasy, science fiction, and strong women characters.

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Jessie Eaker's recent work includes two fantasy novels in the Coren Hart Chronicles: Thief of Curses and Queen of Curses. His short fiction has appeared numerous times in Marion Zimmer's Bradley's Sword and Sorceress anthologies, as well as, her Fantasy Worlds collection. A native of North Carolina, he currently lives in central Virginia, and has been there so long, he's lost his southern accent (much to his wife's disappointment).

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Thief of Curses

By Jessie D. Eaker

Coren’s curse makes life unbearable, causing disasters wherever he goes. So it’s no surprise when an evil lord appears seeking an ancient weapon which could cause the world to end. Coren must stop the impending disaster. Accompanied by a swordswoman with ties to the king’s murder—and her strangely intelligent hawk—they embark on an epic race to reach the shield first. Coren is confident he can prevail and maybe even free himself from his dreaded curse. Unfortunately, his curse has other ideas.

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Queen of Curses

By Jessie D. Eaker

(Available May 2020) Book 2 in The Coren Hart Chronicles. Although nearly impossible, Coren agrees to help Princess Zofie prove her innocence and regain her throne. But doing so will require finding a legendary artifact and making a bargain with an powerful creature of myst. Should he fail, he might lose the one he holds dear.

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Assassin of Curses

By Jessie D. Eaker

With the kingdom in ruins and his beloved princess incapacitated, Coren is forced to deal with a powerful empire for her cure. A woman with a dark and mysterious past offers help, but it involves forbidden magic and dark memories. With the stakes so high, he is forced to decide... Does he dare trust her?

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