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Vanessa Fogg dreams of selkies, dragons, and gritty cyberpunk futures form her home in western Michigan. She spent years as a research scientist in molecular cell biology and now works as a freelance medical writer. She is fueled by green tea. For a complete bibliography and more, visit her website at She is erratically active on Twitter at @FoggWriter

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Liliesofdawn publisher site
The Lilies of Dawn

By Vanessa Fogg

There is a lake of marvels. A lake of water lilies that glow with the color of dawn. For generations Kai’s people have harvested these lilies, dependent upon them for the precious medicines they provide. But now a flock of enchanted cranes has come to steal and poison the harvest. And it will take all Kai’s courage, strength, and wisdom to do what she must to save the lilies and her people. A lyrical fairy tale of love, duty, family, and one young woman’s coming of age.

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