Joshua Harding

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Joshua Harding is an award-winning novelist, short story author, and poet. His fiction is featured in Writer’s Digest, Acidic Fiction, and The Tell-Tale Press. He’s been a nuclear missile mechanic, an environmental lobbyist, a cemetery restorer, freelance artist, puppet master, set designer, actor, carpenter, mortuary officer, garbage man, you name it. The only thing he’s done longer than any of them is write. He lives in a four-person artists’ colony in the woods north of Chicago.

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Red Lakes

By Joshua Harding

A new Soviet state that resembles a major fast food chain, has arisen after a nuclear war. Everyone eats burgers and the Premier has red hair and giant feet. Sergei, a meat farmer, learns he is a clone and destined to be Premier. In Moscow, Sergei is prepared to assume power but then rebels bent on toppling the State kidnap him and show him the State’s atrocities of torture, cloning, and oppression. He escapes and returns to Moscow but will he become Premier or join the rebels in their struggle?

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