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Laurence Raphael Brothers is a writer and a technologist with five patents and extensive R&D experience at such firms as Bell Communications Research, Verizon Laboratories, and Google. His fiction has appeared in Nature, PodCastle, Galaxy's Edge, and the Sockdolager, among other places. See his complete bibliography including many stories available for free online at and follow him on twitter: @lbrothers.

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The Violet Hour

Feb 2, 2019 · 1,714 words (7 minutes)

Fantasy Historical

A new US Marshal comes to the Hollow Earth territory. A Silverlockian homage.

Us marshal badge
between two voices talking

Apr 18, 2018 · 918 words (4 minutes)

Science Fiction

A first contact allaying mutual fears.

Earth eastern hemisphere

Apr 17, 2018 · 975 words (4 minutes)

Fantasy Humor

Don't summon a demon if you can't do the math.

1200px sudoku puzzle by l2g 20050714 standardized layout.svg