Rebecca Birch

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Rebecca Birch is a science fiction and fantasy writer based in Seattle, Washington. She’s a classically trained soprano, holds a deputy black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and enjoys spending time in the company of trees. Her fiction has appeared in markets including Nature, Cricket, and Flash Fiction Online. She is also a two-time finalist in the Writers of the Future contest.

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Life out of harmony ebook cover   small
Life Out of Harmony and Other Tales of Wonder

By Rebecca Birch

"Life Out of Harmony and Other Tales of Wonder," the debut collection from two-time Writers of the Future finalist Rebecca Birch, features a wide variety of sci-fi and fantasy stories. Misadventures aboard a prototype flying machine, crystals that can transfer a human soul, predatory sky-snakes, time travel gone wrong, a guardian spirit contained within jade lion, and the healing power of miracles. Stories of adventure, loss, faith, and hope--there's something here for everyone.

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