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Featured story: June 20 Science Fiction

Patriot Girls By Amy Sisson

Through the eyes of a young “Patriot Girl,” darker truths about a world nominally consumed by duty and family values come to light. Author Amy Sisson not only writes short stories and edits books, she can also help you locate any title in the stacks. Read Now →

How are authors using Curious Fictions?

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Winner of the Prize Americana and Pushcart Nominee Jen Knox released the title story for her upcoming short story collection, “The Glass City.”

Indo-Caribbean author, insect enthusiast, and novelist Premee Mohamed gives aspiring authors advice on writing book queries in a series of posts.

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Edward ashton e6ff6e8835ef4c92a234a35d50767cafe607e2bb829661b390bbdaf489c9816a

Two-time novelist Edward Ashton cross-publishes several of his many heart-wrenching short stories ruminating on the future of humankind—as well as helpful questionnaires about the upcoming robot apocalypse.

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